Meet Nicole Horn.

Meet Nicole Horn.

Over the course of my life I’ve held many jobs, from waitressing at Waffle House, to television reporting, to owning my own business and serving as a corporate executive. I know what it’s like to count every penny from an hourly job, just like I know what it’s like to balance a budget for my business, or to watch my employees start a family and buy their first house because of the job I could offer them. These experiences inform my work and how I will lead the Department of Labor.

My mother spent her career as a nurse and my father was a heavy equipment operator who built roads and highways for most of my childhood. My parents taught me the importance of hard work, and I’ve held a job since I was 12, when I babysat every weekend.

I helped pay my way through Emory University with a combination of financial aid and jobs that included waitressing, work study, leasing apartments, and even selling knives door-to-door. After college, I worked with a political fundraiser and then a political media consultant. I also interned as a reporter for Georgia Public Broadcasting covering the Georgia Assembly. I left politics to work as a television reporter first in Dothan, Alabama, and then back in Georgia at WMAZ in Macon. While at WMAZ, I covered Robins Air Force Base during the events of 911 and the period following, and had the honor of flying in a KC-135 refueling jet, while NATO patrolled the skies of our country.

In 2002, I married and began working with my husband to build a business that helped colleges and universities develop programs to train and retrain the workforce, and recruit for programs that help people advance or change careers. In 2018, our business was acquired and I worked as an executive in that company for 3 years until dedicating myself full-time to this campaign. 

Since 2016, my desire to re-engage with politics, and fight for our democratic principles, led me to partner with a friend to create a branch of the Indivisible movement – Indivisible 5th, named for our beloved Congressman, John Lewis. We’ve worked alongside many other grassroots groups to get out the vote, organize calls to our congressional representatives, and make sure our group’s voices are heard, both at the federal and state level. It’s been a wonderful experience and an honor to help lead these efforts.

I currently live in Atlanta with my husband, Jon, and our two amazing kids Gavin (16) and Hayden (13).