(Vote Mama) — Vote Mamma supports Democratic moms who are running for office. Although campaigning is new to me, the balancing act of working while managing after school activities, helping with big school projects, and shuttling kids around the community is not new.

Yesterday I received Vote Mamma’s endorsement. I am the mom of two teenagers-Gavin (15) and Hayden (13). For the past several months, I have focused on working hard to win, while continuing to make time for my kids. For me, that means wrapping up call time early so I can watch my daughter play in a volleyball game or grabbing my son on a Sunday afternoon to play a board game (or two). It’s taking them out of school during their lunch break, so they can grab lunch with me, or cuddling with them while watching their favorite TV show before going to bed.

It’s an honor to be a mom. My children are part of the reason why I’m running to be the Labor Commissioner of Georgia. I want them to have more paths to better careers through apprenticeship programs. I want them to have the safety net of unemployment insurance if they lose their job. I also want my daughter to see that glass ceilings are meant to be shattered, and I am looking forward to breaking one when I become the first woman to be the Labor Commissioner of Georgia.

Thank you to Vote Mama for recognizing the challenges of being a mom while we chase our dreams.  I know that I’ll receive a lot of endorsements over the course of this campaign.  This is the one I’m most proud of and will bring me the greatest joy.

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