(GA WIN List) — Georgia WIN List announces a 2022 endorsement of four women for statewide office in Georgia: Former Minority Leader Stacey Abrams for Governor, Senator Jen Jordan for Georgia Attorney General, Representative Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State and Nicole Horn for Labor Commissioner.

“These four highly qualified women offer Democrats the opportunity for a compelling statewide ticket,” said Laura Register of Cairo, Chair of the Georgia WIN List Board. WIN List is a Political Action Committee with a 21-year history of recruiting, training, endorsing, supporting, electing and re-electing Democratic Pro-choice women for legislative seats and statewide office in Georgia.

“There is no better time to end the Georgia GOP’s trifecta of state power than in 2022 and no better candidates to have at the top of the ballot with Senator Raphael Warnock than these four women who have impeccable credentials for the offices they seek,” Register said.

“Stacey Abrams historic 2018 campaign came close to a win. In light of the COVID pandemic, her plan to expand Medicaid to half a million Georgians not currently covered is particularly relevant. Her message about bringing Georgians together will resonate in these divisive times,” Register said, noting 1.3 million voters have been added to the rolls since 2018.

“Leader Abrams is a charismatic national figure who can create the ‘One Georgia’ she promises,” Register said. “She is the leader Georgia needs now to correct Republican created problems such as the underfunding of education. Her visionary leadership will  bridge across divides and create the opportunity for all to prosper and thrive.”

Of the top ten most populous states in the nation, Georgia is one of five which has never had a woman as governor and if elected, Leader Abrams would become the first Black woman elected governor in the nation’s history. At present, Georgia boasts the highest number and percentage of Black women legislators in the nation, she noted. Leader Abrams served on the Georgia WIN List board before she first ran for the state House with a WIN List endorsement in 2007.

“Senator Jordan has courageously raised her voice to fight for Georgia families both as an attorney and in the Georgia Senate. We know she will continue to wage the tough battles for all Georgians after she is elected Attorney General,” Ms. Register said.  “Jen will be an effective and eloquent advocate for voting rights and reproductive freedom. She will fight to protect Georgia citizens from corporate malfeasance such as the release of cancer-causing chemicals into the air we breathe because she sees the law as a powerful tool for justice and equality.”

“Trump team members pushing the ‘Big Lie’ about Georgia’s voter registration rolls met their match when Rep. Bee Nguyen’s careful research allowed her to dismantle their false claims within minutes,” Ms. Register recalled. “Few expected such tough questions.  But they were unaware of Bee’s thoughtful and diligent preparation for committee hearings. We are confident Rep. Nguyen will work to make Georgia a leader for voting rights, not voter suppression.”

“Nicole Horn knows the value of hard work and the responsibility of meeting payroll as a business owner. Her two decades of experience in the job training industry makes her a perfect fit for the office of Labor Commissioner,” Register said. “During the pandemic, the Labor Commissioner failed Georgians who lost jobs and were then forced to wait far too long for the unemployment benefits they and their families desperately needed. We are impressed by Nicole’s plans to pay unemployment benefits quickly and to work with businesses to grow workforce talent and mitigate future layoffs.”

Brief bios of each candidate and contact information for the campaigns are available on the Georgia WIN List endorsement page along with interviews Executive Director Melita Easters conducted with Senator Jordan, Rep. Nguyen and Nicole Horn. (link)

When WIN List was founded in 2000, Georgia ranked 32nd in the nation for the percentage of women it it’s legislature. Today, Georgia ranks 18th in the nation with 33.1 percent women legislators. Democratic women outnumber their Republican colleagues 3.3 to one.

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