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May 31st, 2021

CONTACT:  Nicole Horn

Nicole Horn, Business Woman and Community Activist, Launches Campaign for Labor Commissioner

Atlanta, GA — Nicole Horn, Democratic candidate for Georgia Labor Commissioner, will join the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council’s rally in front of a closed Department of Labor Career Center to demand Mark Butler fix Georgia’s broken unemployment system. “As a business woman, I know you need to be there to serve your clients, but instead, the Department of Labor’s Career Centers across Georgia remain closed. It’s already unacceptable that Georgians are waiting months for their unemployment benefits. By keeping these Career Centers closed, Governor Kemp and Commissioner Butler are putting more hurdles in front of Georgians who would otherwise call a Career Center for help, or walk into an office to have their questions answered.” 

Horn points to the closure of the Career Centers as another symptom of a broken department, and said fixing the unemployment system will be her first priority in office. “On day one as Labor Commissioner, I’ll open the doors to these Career Centers and ensure we have the staff support needed to answer calls, respond to emails, and help people find work to get back on their feet.”

Horn also criticized Kemp for gutting federal assistance for unemployed Georgians before the economy had fully recovered. She launched a petition over the weekend with the following demands:

  • Immediately open Career Centers across Georgia.
  • Increase staffing in the Department of Labor to ensure phones and emails are answered.
  • Stop denying Georgians access to unemployment benefits funded by their federal tax dollars.

“It’s completely irresponsible to cut access to Career Centers at such a tenuous time in Georgia’s economic recovery. Governor Kemp and Commissioner Butler need to do everything possible to get Georgians the resources needed to get back into the labor force.”

Horn owned a small business for more than a decade and is the only business woman running for Labor Commissioner. Her campaign is focused on the need to fix Georgia’s broken unemployment insurance system, launching an apprenticeship program, and growing Georgia’s economy with jobs that pay a liveable wage, and offering Georgians the option to start their own business through a Self-Employment Assistance program.